Hi everyone 

I am seeking out connections to groups that go out on hikes. I would prefer to hike with men my age 57 years old. But if I have to I can keep up with most people. I want to go on overnight trips or even 2 or 3 night trips. Finding a group seems to be difficult. If anyone has tips or suggestions I would greatly appreciate the help. My wife is not interested in backcountry adventures but I got the bug this year.  I did it for several years when I was a young adult then set it aside to raise my family. Now I wanna go back.  I’m geared up and ready. 
thanks in advance. 


Hi @douglasgolden - I am a huge proponent of Meetup.com. I've joined a couple hiking and backpacking groups in my area (Chicagoland).

Meetup groups can be a great place to meet like-minded people and, in our group, I've gotten to know a few people and will be joining some of their group outings later in the Fall. I'd start there.

Good luck

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where do you live?

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Google has at least a dozen different entries on how to find a hiking partner so I don't think it's going to be easy. Treasure the companionship you do find, but don't make it limit you from getting outside on your own.


I love MeetUp.com for finding outdoor groups.

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