Hi Anna,

I've recently retired and have started to do some hiking on the AT. I doubt I'll ever get to do the whole thing because there are sections I won't even try to attempt without a partner. There are sections in New Hampshire and Maine that are very hard. So I don't know if I'll ever get there. But I live in Maryland a little south of DC. There are sections in Virginia and NC I definitely want to do. IN VA there is Shenandoah and the triple crown. I also want to hike through Grayson Highlands to see the wild ponies. There are beautiful sections in NC I want to do like Max Patch to Hot Springs and Carver's Gap to Rt 19E. I don't have a partner. My wife doesn't hike. So far I've done about 90 miles of the AT. The most I hiked in one day so far is 15 miles. I like hiking but find it a little scary at times being in the middle of nowhere by myself. I would love to have a hiking partner. I'm not planning on doing anything during the summer, but once my kids get back to college I'll be looking to get back out there. Would love to have you join me some time.