I tend to hike at a fast pace. Was never an intentional thing, just kinda did it. I think it goes back to when I first started seriously day hiking a few years ago and needed to take a "keep your head down and carry on" approach. It got me through the early days of being out of shape but it's created a habit.

So, I tell myself to "slow your roll" - especially on hot days. If it's a day hike, there's no rush to finish. If it's an overnight, there's no rush to finish. If I am going for several days, there's no rush to finish. 

Not only do I not overheat but I see more of the wonderful nature I am in LOL

Like you @nathanu I use electrolytes in my water (I like the Liquid IV powders) to stay hydrated. 

This will sounds weird, but I had to get comfortable wearing shorts. Not for any vanity reason but just as a way to help avoid bugs. Yeah, yeah, I am out in nature where bugs live... But once I got over the ick factor of bugs crawling on me, shorts made a huge difference. 

Last thing I've learned - sock liners are essential. They wick moisture away from my feet and my socks then deal with it. IT's funny, you'd think wearing extra layers in hot weather would make things worse but my feet feel a lot better and drier when i wear liners.

“Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life.” (John Muir)

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