My egg solution is to use OvaEasy eggs and butter powder in a freezer bag. When I get ready to make scrambled eggs, I add water to the bag, then put the bag in nearly boiling water in my pot, stirring every couple of minutes until the eggs are cooked. 21 gr of OvaEasy makes two eggs, or 32 gr = 3 eggs. I add 7 grams of butter powder per egg. I use just under two oz of water per egg/butter combo, so for 2 eggs it's just under 4 oz, and for 3 eggs I use about 5 1/2 oz. 

I sometimes add 1/4 cup of freeze dried sausage and an extra 2 oz of water to make a heartier breakfast.

You could cook your eggs like this and then add to the rice, polenta or whatever.

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