I can't eat the freeze-dried meals from MH and other companies because of the high sodium content. They taste great but that much salt just isn't good for me. They need to have the sodium to help maintain shelf life.

I've been experimenting with making my own meals. I have to dehydrate instead of freeze-dry because my budget doesn't allow me to get freeze dryer (yet... LOL)  But in addition to watching out for sodium levels, preparing my own foods allows me to swap out ingredients as needed. For example, in the Pad Thai Quinoa recipe I posted a while back, I replaced the more traditional rice noodles with dehydrated quinoa. They have about the same amount of calories but rice noodles have no nutritional value.

I love fruit bars but the ones I like to eat are really expensive, so I've found that raw almonds, Medjool dates, and my choice of dried fruit(s) and spices opens up a world of great snack bars for being on trail (I just did a Chili Apricot Fruit Bar for my overnight last week).

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