You'll find that a most of the time, price is inversely proportional to weight. If you're not using it a lot, it's usually not worthwhile to invest in the lighter versions. My collection has some stuff bought (at a premium) because of weight, but sometimes lighter isn't better, and a lot of times lighter also means shorter life or easier to destroy. I've gradually lowered my base weight and increased my daily mileage, but I don't think that the increased miles are completely because of the lighter weight, because I'm also in better shape now (partly from backpacking more LOL). 

It usually comes down to a personal choice depending on your physical fitness, what you can do without, what keeps you comfortable, what you need for safety, and what your goals are. You might not be interested in big miles, so light weight might not interest you that much. You could be more interested in the camping aspect, or you might be interested in a slow casual hike, with the sleeping portion just being a necessary part of it. Each person is different, so what's great equipment for some might not be right for others. 

I think everyone learns more about themselves as they go, it takes some experimentation to find what's right for you. I've bought stuff that just didn't work for me at all, and things that I loved but decided they were too heavy and either quit using them or bought lighter versions. Hopefully you like to shop LOL.

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