I’ll start off by saying that I yearn for a solid campsite after a long day of hiking. This is probably one of the main drivers for me to go on extended backpacking trips….getting to experience a variety of really cool set ups with my gear along with stunning atmospheres the trail can provide.

I do tend to be weight conscious when on the trail, and I can achieve a 10-12 pound base weight —depending on the weather conditions- without food and water. With this said, I tend to make some weight sacrifices for luxury items while I am at camp.  One of these sacrifices is my hummingbird hammock.  Although it is only 7 ounces, it does not contribute to my sleep system and only used for relaxation purposes after a long day.  Another item I am looking to sacrifice some weight for is an ultralight pair of camp shoes.  I do enjoy getting out of my grimy trail runners and letting my feet breath, but I haven’t found a pair of camp shoes that I am completely sold on.  Below are my top 3 contenders:



Originally, I loved the idea of the Xero Genesis because of they are sum 10 ounces and their packability (they can roll up).  However, I recently discovered the HeyDude shoes.  Their website claims the total weight is FIVE OUNCES, but I find that hard to believe….5 ounces each is more realistic in my opinion.  Although HeyDude is not an outdoors company, these are close toed shoes that I can wear socks with vs. the Xero Genesis sandal. 

I am interested what other folks have to say on this topic.  Do you sacrifice weight for a camp shoe?  If so, what do you use and what do you wish you had?  ON another topic, do you also sacrifice weight for a camp chair?  I have the 7 ounce hummingbird hammock, but I have been in situations where I cannot hang it and wish I had a chair…

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