Bought and activated my new ZOLEO communicator last week. This morning I had arranged to send a test SOS message and that worked perfectly (tangential PSA: if you just bought a new communicator, make arrangements per the instructions to send a test SOS). So I decided I would also quickly test the check-in button.


So I wait 15 minutes in case it takes that long. 


Chat with tech support and send another test and nothing. I call tech support and they looked at the backend and saw everything seemed to be working but still... nothing.

So now we come to the point of this thread and my PSA: Before testing the check-in or, even more critically, USING IT ON TRAIL, make sure your contact(s) add the device's SMS number to your contact information in their phone!

Turns out that my wife had turned on the "block SMS messages from unknown senders" setting and because I hadn't added my number, it blocked the test. Added my sat com number to my contact info on her phone, tried another test, and within 30 seconds she got it.

So I used up three or four of my monthly messages in figuring this out. But it is worth it to know it's functioning properly. Hopefully this little tale will save all of you a little bit of time, grief, and money.

BTW, I can now say with absolute certainty that ZOLEO's customer service and tech support is really good and I am happy I chose this model.

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