Still working on getting into some semblance of shape (other than round) before summer backpacking. My wife and I have been doing some shorter hikes with our packs to try gear and build strength. I'm at around 39 lbs total and she was 26 when we went to a very rocky and somewhat difficult hike at clark's reservation near syracuse ny. In the middle of which nature rudely called. I ignored nature but, as she can be so very insistent, eventually answered. Off to the shrubs I went to use my monument to fecal frugality, the dollar store spade/ scoop. Having noticed it in the dollar store I, in in excess of frugality, neglected to buy it. So, rearmed with a digging stick, the preferred tool of primates, I excavated a hole in the soil made up of 60% fractured limestone and a small bit of rotten leaves and actual soil. With the precision of a stuka divebomber I accurately ( more or less) delivered my payload. Now, on to the pain. My wife had purchased some biodegradable sanitary wipes to go with the paper in our poop pack (**bleep** kit??). I thought, after using the paper, why not use one? I will be fresh as a daisy according to the package... yay! Daisies are nice. Apparently, some antiseptic wipes are manufactured with a mix of habanero pepper juice, battery acid, and the distilled tears of idiots like me. This is definitely a don't, a really, really don't.