I spend most of the winter’s ‘down time’ planning future trips. Really enjoy the process.

Yikes! Did I just say winter downtime? Some say it’s the best time to get out into the wilderness.

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I think for me, I get the feeling of vacation starting when the car is backing out of the driveway. All the planning and packing ahead of time doesn't trigger it since it's still all mixed in with work and other usual daily tasks. This could also be because our trips aren't very structured, there is no specific itinerary, we roll with the flow.

Curiously, I don't find the reverse to be true: vacation is over NOT when we're back home, but when we start the drive back home. I'm going to chalk that up to the fun stuff being over, and our return trip is usually all business. Put in the miles, pit stops only, no other destination stops, just getting home as the singular goal.

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For me a trip begins with the planning, especially on a multi-day backpacking trip to someplace new. Studying the maps and guides, creating a detailed trip plan, reserving permits and backcountry sites, making a menu and creating our gourmet DIY dehydrated meals, selecting, gathering, and checking gear and supplies are all part of the fun and adventure for me!

On the back end, the trip isn't fully over until all the gear is cleaned, checked, and stored away properly.  That said, with all the photos and memories from our big trips, the adventure will always live on in our minds and they fuel the dreams and plans for whatever comes next!








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