Hi! My name is Anna and I am getting back into hiking and looking to do hikes about once or twice a month. I would love to have someone to hike with on day hikes or even some overnight hikes! Also looking for some good weekend hikes in Virginia, West Virginia, or Maryland if anyone has any suggestions!

Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from you all! 


Thanks for reaching out!

We wanted to let you know that we have a Local Happenings board and you can take a look at Virginia or even the Nova Area specifically. That might help narrow your audience down a bit!

Hopefully you can find your adventure partner soon!

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East coast whoot whoot!

My favorite place is Massanutten mountain. Free camping along the trail and very scenic for multi day hikes, and it loops. Very beary so be conscious of that.

West Virginia by harpers ferry has a lot of day hikes some easy some hard. Fun for a day trip but maybe crowded. Maryland heights trail, loudoun heights and the civil war hike is pretty cool too. You could also stay at the Koa in harpers ferry and day hike down to historic harpers ferry. The c&o towpath is there also. C&o has free camping for hikers and bikers from Cumberland md to d.c.

shennadoah national forest has a lot of cool day hikes and if ya feeling froggy do the whole skyline drive 100 miles very strenuous.

  • cacapon state forest is another great hiking spot.
  • great falls park is on the C&o too, I think certain parts are closed right now for maintenance though

This is just a few, lmk if ya have any questions about more specific location. 

Thank you Josh! This will defiantly give me some new hikes to try out! For hiking the entire skyline Drive where do you suggest beginning? I really apricate all the help! 

@annaelizabet I've just gotten into backpacking myself.  I really recommend that beginner hikers try out beginning trails.  I highly recommend hiking the C&O canal: It's not a difficult trail, it's just a lot of miles.  I just finished my last section of it last fall, all 184.5 miles of it.  But there are plenty of free campsites along the way.  It's a good trail to figure out if this sport is really for you, or not.

Last month I just did my first section of the AT in Shenandoah NP, and the hills are no joke!  There's no "trail" on Skyline Drive, unless you're doing to do road walking.  

As far as day hikes, the C&O is a good one for that too.  I just finished the Bull Run - Occoquan trail near Manassas.  It's a full day if you're going to do all of it, but it's doable, although there are exits along the way for a partial day.  

Thank you so much! These sound like some awesome trails to start checking out! 


That’s what I meant by ‘skyline drive’ the AT runs along it(Compton gap to rockfish gap) and like I said it’s very strenuous. I just did the c&o towpath by bike also 3 days and it’s very cool starter. Free camping like others said and you can get a map at REI for very easy navigation( camp locations, towns for refills, and section lengths)


Hi @annaelizabet 

Have you joined any local Meetup groups yet? Free to join and there will be hiking and backpacking groups to join. If not, check out https://meetup.com

Have fun on trail!

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I recently also returned to backpacking last year in the NVA area and make trips about three times a month.  I suggest looking into:

  • Three Ridges / Priest area down by UVA which has amazing mountains and camp sites
  • Virginia Triple crown
  • SNP : Nicholson Hollow -> Stony Man -> Corbin Mtn
  • Big Schlass -> Little Schlass Loop
  • SNP: Jeremy's Run  

All these can be done in a day or spaced  out to two days depending on your avg miles. And if your in the area, always enjoy brining people out


Hi Anna,

I've recently retired and have started to do some hiking on the AT. I doubt I'll ever get to do the whole thing because there are sections I won't even try to attempt without a partner. There are sections in New Hampshire and Maine that are very hard. So I don't know if I'll ever get there. But I live in Maryland a little south of DC. There are sections in Virginia and NC I definitely want to do. IN VA there is Shenandoah and the triple crown. I also want to hike through Grayson Highlands to see the wild ponies. There are beautiful sections in NC I want to do like Max Patch to Hot Springs and Carver's Gap to Rt 19E. I don't have a partner. My wife doesn't hike. So far I've done about 90 miles of the AT. The most I hiked in one day so far is 15 miles. I like hiking but find it a little scary at times being in the middle of nowhere by myself. I would love to have a hiking partner. I'm not planning on doing anything during the summer, but once my kids get back to college I'll be looking to get back out there. Would love to have you join me some time.