Opinions on electrolytes while backpacking

I find supplimental electrolytes help when backpacking.  I'm planning a three week hike in September and was looking into current options.  Does anyone have a favorite that does not have artificial sugar? 

I used Skratch labs on my thru-hike to give me some calories with real sugar and taste and I like SaltStick Fast Chews for chewy salt to get me to drink more. 

It looks like there are other brands that may have higher concentrations and additions, like vitamin C in Ultima powder.  I wanted to try Tailwind for running and it could help here, along with thinking LyteShow drops may be easier to pack than powders that can get wet or microtrash from single serve packets.

Thoughts?  Any others that you enjoy?  Again, I don't like artificial sweetners, so most of what you can find in the supermarket won't work for me.