Hi @javina 

I would love to get you some help with the boots, but I’m not sure how much help I can be over the Internet. One thing to note is that waterproof boots without ventilating mesh can encourage your feet to sweat in hot weather. Here is an article discussing the breathability of different hiking boot materials: How to Choose Hiking Boots

 I highly recommend scheduling an Personal Outfitting Appointment with your local REI and requesting an expert boot fitter. That way you can try on some different brands to see how they fit your feet specifically.

I have high arches as well as a bum right knee. LOL! Recently, I went through a few different pairs of boots before I found the perfect ones for me. The boots are very important, but there are also some other things to take into consideration. For my high arches I found it necessary to have an insole in my boot for added support. The type of socks you're hiking with can also have an effect on blisters and moisture build up (think hot spots or sweat). Here's an article that talks about the different hiking socks available:How to choose Hiking Socks

There are several different options available and I’m sure there's a perfect boot for you. Hope this helps with the search! Happy Hiking!

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