I used to race motorcycle in Superbike class. I looked at myself first. Do I have some pounds to shed? Giving up some unnecessary weight on me is probably much better in the long run than saving 9 ounces here or there especially since the little bit of Ultralight gear I have (tent being the most expensive item) compromises some reliablitiy. My ulteralight tent I would never take on an AT through hike but is fine for shorter backbacks.

I don't stress about shedding ounces but I do consider the weight when purchasing. For example, I purchased a single wall tent for mountaineering to replace a double wall and shed close to two pounds. Expensive? Yes and limited only to cold weather adventures. But I don't compromise on my 10 essentials, first aid kit, nutrition, safety, comfort and reliability that could put others at risk in additon to myself.

Bill G

aka Weekapaug Groove