I’m sure it’s not ideal but does anyone know if a Big Agnes AXL Regular Wide 72” x 25” Sleeping Pad will fit okay with a Big Agnes long bag sleep system? Long bag is 78”. Appreciate any feedback. Larry


I can't say for sure but this Big Agnes article suggests it is at least not ideal


"20x78 : Long - Necessary for all Men's Long System Bags"

I believe their recent system for this uses something like a fitted sheet and I suspect that a shorter pad may be prone to slip out if you move around.  They recommend rectangular pads for that reason also. 

If it proves to be a problem I suspect it can be made to work using the same techniques used to keep fitted sheets from slipping...basically something similar to a suspender that goes across a corner to keep it tight.  The only issue would be finding something that will not be prone to puncturing the air mattress. 

However unless it was a very good deal and you don't have other options I would not buy them for each other.  


I would recommend reaching out to Big Agnes to get that answer:




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@lwest61 thanks for the question! A few details, which you may have already seen:

  • The regular length bag will accommodate a pad 20-25" wide and 72" long
  • The long length bag will accommodate a pad of 20-25" wide and 78" long
  • The long wide bag will accommodate a pad 25-30" wide and 78" long

So, the AXL pad you mention (at 25" wide) should fit in the long length bag as a snug fit. To make it easier, we'd recommend first sliding the pad somewhat underinflated into the sleeve of the bag, then filling the pad the rest of the way to the firmness you prefer. This will be easier than trying to slide it into the sleeve fully inflated!

Hope this helps!

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