Research DIY ultralight solutions if you're operating on a budget.

Like for stoves, a quick search on the web for 'penny stove' can open you to a whole world of people trying to optimize homemade ultralight stoves.

One other thing I found after years of using an old self-inflating sleeping pad was that they make blow-to-inflate pads that are much lighter and more durable now that they used to.

If you can adapt to them and have convenient mounting supports (e.g. trees,) hammock tents are an option that can be lighter than tent+pad. Definitely not for everyone, though.

My own personal backpack for weekend trips is a very small volume suspended-mesh model. It's the lightest thing I could find with a robust suspension. I strap my tent, at least, and whatever else is needful to the outside of the pack, and it works for me!