I’ve scoured the reviews, blogs, and websites. I’m sure this is asked frequently, my apologies. 

My daughter is 5 now, we hike often, at least once a week. She can carry a backpack (just the deuter kikki) and go 2-3 miles easy. 
So naturally... it’s time to start backpacking. 
It will be myself, my 5 year old, and a 70-80 lb dog (our dog, not a random one 😉)... eventually it will also be my 3 year old. 

What tent do we need for the long haul (figuratively and literally, long haul)? We can’t afford to replace it, I’m selling ALL the baby gear to fund this (anyone need a stroller?)... 


I am assume our answer is the REI half dome 3+. But it seems heavy and bulky. But... so many buts... it’s less expensive and more durable than alternatives (dog claws). 


for fun... a couple pics of the kiddos... including my 3 year old wearing my Osprey Ariel ag 55 😂