I do most of my backpacking during the early spring and late fall. I'm early to bed and early to rise, and tend to wake up at various times during the night. What time is it? I like to hit the trail shortly after sunrise, so it's usually dark when I get up to start coffee. If it's after 4am I might as well get up but it might be 2am and I need to catch some more Z's. What time is it?

My smartphone is off to conserve the battery and tucked away safely, so a wristwatch is somewhat essential for me. I don't want a lot of features; all I need is large illuminated (at a touch) font I can read without my glasses. An alarm is nice to have, though I haven't used it yet on my inexpensive Casio model 2428. What I especially like is the very slim profile. It doesn't catch at the wrist when pulling shirts & jackets on or off.