Ok, been down the rabbit hole on quilts and seem to have narrowed it down to the EE Convert and the Katabatic Flex 22. I also looked at the Zpacks options, but they seem to cater to a more slim physique.

So, I want something that'll take me comfortably down to around 20F. I have a Nemo Tempo 20 that this will be replacing. I'm a warm, side sleeper, 6'2" and my shoulders are around 64". I have been primarily hammock camping and usually unzip the Nemo and use it like a quilt but like that I can zip it into a bag if it hets too drafty.

I'm really leaning toward the EE Convert because 1) it's a little cheaper, 2) it's a little lighter, 3) I've found more info about it and 4) TOGR (link below) did a reviee and gave it super high marks.

My only hesitations are that a) I've seen some mention that the down can leave cold spots (nothing supporting) and b) the snaps aren't reinforced like the Katabic. Would love to get y'alls (that word totally freaked out spellcheck, apparently spellcheck ain't from Georgia 🙂 ) thoughts.


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This is a sleep system which can CONVERT into what you need for it to be;a sleeping bag for colder conditions and a quilt for warmer nights.In this review of...