@Bonfire - For the last two years for my week long high sierra trip (7 nights and 8 days) I have been able to keep my pack at 39# and that includes 1 1/2# of fishing gear, a liter of my favorite adult beverage and a REI Flexlite camp chair. My other gear...

Backpack - Osprey Exos 58 - saved liked 4# over my very old (and luved) REI external frame pack.

Sleeping Bag - Lumens 20  - saved like a 1 1/2 pounds over my REI 10 degree down bag although I take this bag on late season trips when temps are expected down to near freezing or below. 

Sleeping Pad - REI Flash -  saved about a # or more over old Thermarest. 

Stove - Snow Peak with canisters. 

Pots - MSR stainless steel pot set (2) with lid. We like to rehydrate our freeze dried food in a pot to be sure it all rehydrates. We repackage our freeze dried food into ziplock bags to save space. Also nice to reheat to hot just before serving. Also we have a couple of meals we bring that we need the pots to cook. 

Cup - REI insulated plastic cup with lid. Gotta have a lid to keep coffee or tea hot for longer. What I would like to find is a 3 cup - cup/bowl that is super insulated and light with a lid and is around 4" in diameter.