I currently have a Nemo Tempo 20 bag that I use when cool weather camping that's good for me down into the twenties.  I have merino wool long underwear that I sleep in and am usually very comfortable.  I have been hammock camping and open the bag up like a quilt and that seems to work very well.  I've been looking to replace it with a quilt specifically to save weight and space.  Hoping not to spark a bag -vs- quilt discussion but get some info on a good, small and lightweight quilt that will cover me (6'2", 290+/-, very wide shoulders) and keep me warm without breaking the bank.

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@nathanu I'm kinda built the same as you.  The problem with us bigger guys is that most of the time the gear doesn't fit.  Fortunately I've found that Enlightened Equipment has varying widths that can accommodate wide-shouldered guys like us.  EE has a model called the "Convert" which can go in-between a traditional bag and a quilt, if you're not quite sold on making the switch.  I have one myself, rated for 20F, but unfortunately it's on the spendy end of the spectrum.  Not sure on how well it would work with hammocking, but check them out.  I'm glad I invested in my sleep with a bag/quit that finally fits me, well worth it.  Good luck!

@JeffPPeters just took their quiz and they recommended the Conundrum.  I spec'd it out based onnthe sotr recommendations and it came to $400.  Steep, but looks consistent with what Im seeing elsewhere for smaller ones.  Gonna look at the Convert to see if I can make heads or tails on the differences between the two but this looks promising!!

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@nathanu  I have been considering a quilt for a while but parting with $400 has not been a priority. 

The difference between the Enlighten quilts is essentially the foot box ...sewn vs short zip vs full zip.  The Enigma has a sewn footbox, the Revelation has zipped foot box, the Conundrum has a sewn footbox and 3/4 length zip and the Convert has a full length zip.  The Revelation and Convert can be opened flat where the Enigma and the Conundrum cannot but are lighter and less drafty around the feet.

UGO, Katabatic and Nunatuk are other good quilt brands.  They all have long as an option although they deal with wide differently.  There are a few others. 

I have friends with an Enlightened Enigma Custom 20 and a Katabatic Flex 15 overstuffed and both are very pleased with theirs.

Katabatic use a bias cut to shape the quilt and are generous with their temperature ratings but they offer less custom options.  A draft collar is standard.  Enlightened tended to be less warm because they skimped on the fill (they may have addressed this). 

UGO have lots of custom options and are generally well reviewed.  They have an optional elastic tensioner option to help keep the back of the quilt tucked under.  I think Katabatic do something similar as standard.

I haven't looked at Nunatuk that much but have seen them recommended and described as "the best"

There are variations in the pad attachment system which can be important for suppressing drafts...May not matter if you get a full zip.

If you are considering a full length zip then the Feathered Friends Flicker gets top marks and is generally available more or less off the shelf although not actually at the moment.

There are also some budget brands if you are less fussy and just want to give it a go.  An issue with those is the whether the down is responsibly sourced.  Also, I have not come across one that offers a full zip.

I completely concur with size fits for people over 6 feet.  I ended up with a katabatic Sawatch quilt and am very happy with it.  I added two oz of fill so it'll take you down comfortably to 0 🙂


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Ok, been down the rabbit hole on quilts and seem to have narrowed it down to the EE Convert and the Katabatic Flex 22. I also looked at the Zpacks options, but they seem to cater to a more slim physique.

So, I want something that'll take me comfortably down to around 20F. I have a Nemo Tempo 20 that this will be replacing. I'm a warm, side sleeper, 6'2" and my shoulders are around 64". I have been primarily hammock camping and usually unzip the Nemo and use it like a quilt but like that I can zip it into a bag if it hets too drafty.

I'm really leaning toward the EE Convert because 1) it's a little cheaper, 2) it's a little lighter, 3) I've found more info about it and 4) TOGR (link below) did a reviee and gave it super high marks.

My only hesitations are that a) I've seen some mention that the down can leave cold spots (nothing supporting) and b) the snaps aren't reinforced like the Katabic. Would love to get y'alls (that word totally freaked out spellcheck, apparently spellcheck ain't from Georgia 🙂 ) thoughts.


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one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.
This is a sleep system which can CONVERT into what you need for it to be;a sleeping bag for colder conditions and a quilt for warmer nights.In this review of...

@nathanuIs your new quilt intended for ground use?  My understanding is that for hammock use, a narrower quilt works better.  I also wonder if a full zip is best in a hammock context...I'm not a hammock dweller so just asking the questions based on what I have heard.

As to which one,  I think the Katabatic is "better quality"  and I suspect it is the warmer quilt but the practical difference is probably marginal and you will be happy with either.  I have come across people changing from EE to Katabatic because they felt the EE was not warm enough based on its rating but that was from a few years ago .  The person I know who has an EE got a late 2018/early 2019 20F enigma and has had no problems with it.  He does take a bag liner when it is colder to keep drafts at bay.  Most 3 season Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mtn use

One anecdote is that the Katabatic pad attachment system is supposed to be easy to use and effective.  I lent my basically new Xlite to the person I know who has one and somehow...it is not clear how...they managed to puncture the pad with it.  We think it was one of the blade like plastic connectors that Katabatic use for their pad connection system.  Fortunately they were able to fix the pad with its provide patch kit...a good thing because they were about halfway through the JMT.


@nathanu I didn't really look at Katabatic when I made my decision.  Looking at it their website now, it seems that there's more available customization over at EE.  Just my own gut feel.  But I've been super happy with my EE 20F Convert, that I also got a warm-weather 40F stock Revelation when they were on sale last year.  As far as your concerns about reinforcement, since they're a lightweight option with down feathers, I'm going to treat mine carefully regardless.  But I haven't had any quality issues thus far.  

Ok, quick update but first, thank you all for taking the time to respond.


I'm still reading and looking and am really leaning toward the twenty degree EE Convert Long Xtra Wide with 850 fill and draft collars.


First, it looks like it'll be less than half the weight of my (much loved) Nemo Tempo 20 and reviews suggest its good to 20F (I'm a warm / hot sleeper and have had the Nemo in the twenties). 


I like the full zip and, basically, the option to use it as a quilt or a bag (I kindof do that with my Nemo now). The reviews I've seen and read suggest that the draft collar more than addresses any draft concerns innthe footbox.


I've been hammock camping mostly recently and like having my bag open in the hammock with my feet shoved into the footbox. May seem weird, but works for me. I do still have my tent though and like the option to ise it as a bag in the tent of I want (or a blanket).


Got my finger on the buy button but gonna give it a day or so to settle. Love and appreciate any feedback y'all got 🙂

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.