So, I have responded to quite a few posts on here around the topic of "how much should my pack weigh" or "how much should my big 3 weigh (tent, sleeping bag, pack)"?

I have invested quite a bit of money to having lightweight to ultra-lightweight gear for my big 3, and I am not sure if the backpack, specifically, is worth it.  I have a Tarptent Moment DW 1-person tent, an Enlightened Equipment Enigma Quilt, and the Z-Packs Arc Blast pack.  INDIVIDUALLY, all 3 of these pieces of equipment are awesome.  HOWEVER, when I put my full base weigh (including food and water on a 5-7 day hike) into the Z-Packs Arc Blast, it doesn't seem to distribute the weight well enough.  I think I'd rather have a lightweight sleep system with a "standard" pack in order to have comfort around my hips while on the trail.

In summary, spend extra money on a lightweight sleep system, but don't spend the extra money on a lightweight "flimsy" pack.  Has anyone else observed the same thing?  

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