After the excellent results that I got when looking for a trail thermometer, I've decided to test my luck and get some suggestions on water bottle holders.  Currently,  I have a 'thing' that I bought at Academy years ago that's basically a very thick o-ring on a piece of webbing with a carabiner on it.  I hook the carabiner to the loop on my shoulder strap and then the o-ring goes around the lip of my bottle.  I carry 2 x 1L SmartWater bottles and keep one in my pack and one in my little o-ring thing.  It works ok, but a) it moves around a LOT (and, on hot days, it's sweaty and there's friction and, well, it's unpleasant) and b) it bounces (one time, I ended up chasing it on the rocks at the base of Amicalola with a 30LB pack trying to keep it and me from going for a swim in the pond).  Anyway, I want something else.  I've see a lot of Youtubers that have a mesh sleeve that attaches (top and bottom, it looks like) to the shoulder strap that looks perfect.  I've tried to find them and found one at Zpacks (with a 1 to 2 week lead time, and you pay $25US + shipping) and one on Etsy (Justin's original) that's sold out.  I've found a few on Amazon, but they look like heavy "tacticool" type devices rather than backpacking.  Anyway, anybody got the inside scoop on a lightweight, affordable water bottle holder that'll hold a 1L SmartWater (or similar) bottle on the shoulder strap of a backpacking backpack?

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