First, congrats on losing all that weight! That’s an impressive accomplishment. You make a great point about the ‘Big 3’, which is exactly where the most pack weight can be reduced. That’s where I started as well. One of the obstacles for me going ultralight was the high cost of ultralight gear. There are work-arounds for sure, but I have made some pretty serious investments over time. I figured the cost was worth it to really enjoy something I love. You also make a great point about fitness. I started a substantial but not overly restrictive nutrition and exercise program a few years ago to make trail life easier and more enjoyable. I’m not training for the Olympics here, nor do I want to give up foods I love. I just cut back or eliminated the worst things in my daily diet and started biking and swimming regularly. While these seemed like small sacrifices at the time, I don’t even miss those things now.