great topic! Wish I had started it...anyway...

Since I've been 'retired' for a while, when I'm not doing laundry, vacuuming, etc, I'm full time planning backpacking trips (when not on a trip of course).

This is what I've got planned right now...

First week April.  7 day kayaking/canoe trip in the everglades, on the wilderness water trail in the NP.  I'm being dragged into this one.  It's a 2.5 day drive from VA to down there, and it's been many years since I've canoe camped.  There is one slight situation that makes this only about 50% chance of happening. I had finger surgery earlier this month and it is not healing well.  Time will tell.

First week in May, 5 days backpacking Gila Wilderness.  Flying into El Paso, driving 4hrs to trail head.  Looks very similar to canyon hiking in Grand Staircase Escalante.

First 2 weeks in July - 10 days backpacking, short days, 5-8 miles, 10days of food carry, from Elkhardt Trail head to Green River Lakes trail head.  Have tickets will travel. (who gets that reference?)

And then the big one. Have a permit for the JMT, Kearsarge Pass to Yosemite. Entire month of August. Slow, old persons hike.  This year a one way ticket to Reno, so there's no pressure to keep walking when we want to take a zero.

The rest of the spring, will get to Seneca Cr, WV for some waterfall photography again.  Then maybe Dolly Sods or Grayson Highlands, about the only places around here where you can get some good night sky photography.

Or I could just lay around and watch tv, after housework of course

this is from last summer in Wyoming, I may have posed it earlier, If I did, I have a 4 dozen others I've been working on during my finger surgery recovery, lol

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