Hi everyone, I'm a leader for a Boy Scout Troop on Long Island.  I would like to take our boys on a fishing trip where we backpack in and camp for the weekend (and hopefully where the fishing is great and not too many people.)  We can't go, of course, until it's deemed safe, but I would like to start researching hidden gems so we're ready to go when we're able.  I grew up in Colorado, so I don't know where the good places are in the lower NY/NJ/Penn/Conn area.  Something moderate around 6 miles plus or minus.  Harder hikes are fine too for future hikes, but I want to start out where everyone can participate.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance! - Paul

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Hi Paul @PGG

Not a backpacking destination, but Gateway NP has camping at Floyd Bennett Field, which is on Jamaica Bay, you can fish the bay, camp on the old airfield and still see the Empire State Building on a clear day.

Further afield, there are great hike/backpacking recommendations on the NYNJ Trail Conference site for hikes around Harriman State Park. Just remember that to camp at Harriman you need to stay at established shelter locations to limit impact on the terrain. Another option is Wawayanda State Park in NJ, which has some part of the AT going through.

Hope this helps.

Great suggestions!  I'll look into them



This seems like a job for me.  If you can make your way to rhode Island on opening season, let me know and I will tell you further details about trout stocking.

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Have a Great Day, and make your best adventure yet.

Thanks, not sure we'll get out that far but it sounds great!