Hello there!  I’m a gal on my own looking for someone to partner up with for adventure outings (backpacking comes to mind first).  It just feels safer as a pair rather than solo (not to mention it’s usually more fun!). I do like to get out and do tougher backpack trips and I don’t mind extended days on the trail. Just last fall I joined another pair and we spent 9 tough days doing the Wind River High Route in WY.  I would love to find others that are interested in similar outings.  I’m interested in trips in both the U.S. as well as out of the country (assuming Covid allows for safer travel).  I’ve got all the gear I need and years of experience.  I’m 51 years old and fit enough to tackle tougher trail conditions and still think it’s fun.  Let me know if you might be interested and what backpacking trip you might want to do!  This certainly feels like a strange way to meet folks with similar interests, but I can’t be the only one out here with the desire to get outside, but not have anybody to enjoy the adventure with!  Lol. I do have a full time job, but thankfully it allows me a fair amount of time off during the year.  Feel free to ask questions!  Oh, I live in Portland, Oregon.  Also, I’m an avid kayaker and have been out kayak camping in the Puget Sound and San Juan areas.  Would love to do more of that as well!  Heck, while we’re on the subject of adventure... I’d also be interested in foreign travel experiences (especially if they involve kayaking, hiking, backpacking, exploring, etc).  Shoot me a message if any of this appeals to you!  Thanks!  Teresa

Hi @AdventureGal,

  • Just wanted too tell you it's unfortunate that your across on the other side of the US (I'm in CT) 50 and have a really hard time finding others that camp, Kayak and backpack, winter backpacking especially. I'm usually alone at this point. I can relate. I hope you get that 1 (or more) that clicks with you, it is a nice thing too have that on trips. Good luck too you :). I'm looking to move there (I RV full time). Maybe then! 🙂 


Yes, please come check out the great Pacific Northwest!  If you’d like to talk further I’d be interested in coming your way for adventures (provided we we felt comfortable with that step).  I want to see your side of the country as well!  Hopefully travel will open up a bit as we gain control over the craziness of the pandemic.  Anyway, just throwing that out there. 😎. Thanks again for responding!  Teresa 


Hi Teresa! @AdventureGal 

My name is Sharon and I'm a 34-year-old currently living in Southwest Montana. I also do a lot of solo adventuring (hiking, backpacking, biking, xc skiing, etc), and in recent years (particularly last year, because of covid) I've started to really see the value and benefit of adventuring with other people more often and going it solo. While there are some good things to gain from solo adventure, I'm starting to think the shared experience is far more richer, in certain ways. And indeed more safe.

During the warmer months, I live and travel and work (also fulltime, remotely) out of the van that I built out last spring. My job is really flexible and allows me the ability to take time off when needed/wanted. 

So far, the adventures I'm thinking about for this summer include the Beaten Path (over the Beartooth Plateau in MT), possibly a three- or four-day kayaking trip on the Smith River (I just entered the lottery for the permit!), and some smaller hiking/biking/kayaking trips around Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. I'm not at all opposed to adventuring further away (I'd really like to go back to the Moab area), but there's just so much to explore in my own back yard that sometimes it's hard to drag myself away!

To be completely upfront, I've got MS, so I'm somewhat limited in how "hardcore" I can be when it comes to extremes, but it certainly doesn't stop me from putting in 10- to 15-mile days hiking or 35-mile days biking. I've just got to take a few more breaks and pay more attention to my body. 

I was really excited to see your post because I would love to find more folks, particularly females, to adventure with! I often find myself making friends with people I meet on the trail or at a camp, and meeting up for a trip some months (or even years!) later, but this is also a great way to meet adventure buddies that I didn't even think of! (And probably makes more sense during Covid!)

If I sound like someone you might be interested in talking with about exploring together, let's chat more and maybe do a Zoom call so that we can see if we might jive for an adventure or two!

All the best,


Good morning Sharon! I’m new to the REI conversation site and not at all familiar with how it works.  I’m hoping that we can take our conversation to a private email so that we can continue to chat about any possible joint adventures.  I’d definitely be open to talking further and possibly traveling to your great state in the future.  Oregon is ever so slowly getting folks vaccinated for Covid and I’m hoping to get mine within a few months (fingers crossed)!  My email address is *removed by moderator*. Hopefully, it’s okay with REI to post this.  I just don’t want to continue having our conversation public.  I look forward to talking with you further!  Teresa


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I'll bring it full-circle here with the spread! I'm in Tennessee, 35/f and would love a hike/backpack partner for any of you that get out this way. Also have a full-time job. 
I typically hike with my two dogs but they aren't much for conversation. 

Sounds good to me! Thanks! Same for anyone that makes their way to Montana! I'm always eager to show folks some of my favorite spots around this beautiful state, especially in return for some tips or a tour of a beautiful spot in their home state.