Hey there REI community!

I caught an Instagram live of the new JetBoil Stash stove and wanted to tap into your collective wisdom to see what you thought. I know we have a big contingent of BTS-3000T fans here and I'm consistently blown away that stove weighs less than an ounce! It looks like this new Jetboil Stash stove system is over seven times heavier...which is still pretty light considering that weight includes the pot and lid! It looks like the stove itself is 2.1 oz. The Gear Junkie did a write-up about it which was pretty interesting. Is there anyone out there considering this stove?

@Dad_Aint_Hip @SILHiker @Philreedshikes @Daxigait @OldGuyot @John @hikermor @Olaf @DwightET @Dh1983  you've all weighed in on some stove posts here in the community. Any initial impressions?


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