I am looking for a style of suspenders that I can wear under my backpack. Regular suspenders have snaps, etc. that rub when they have a backpack pressing on them. Do you have any recommendations?


I'm not an employee, but I used to wear suspenders all the time. Mine were made by an Amish leather craftsman from a design we collaborated on. This might be an opportunity for you to design and make something that suits your particular desires. 

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Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, the two styles of suspenders we carry, the Chums Heavy-Duty Suspenders and Arcade Belts Jessup Suspenders have pretty robust clamps that attach to the waist of your pants, which will likely be uncomfortable with a backpack waist belt pressing down on them. As @TomIrvine suggested, your best bet may be something customized to your situation, whether that is sewing in some low-profile buttons that can attach a pair of suspenders, or attaching small loops into the waist of your pants to accommodate a pair of suspenders like the First Lite Suspenders or the SITKA suspenders, which have a low profile clip that slides into loops. Based on some of the reviews of those suspenders, it sounds like some folks can comfortably wear a backpack over suspenders.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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