@Dad_Aint_Hip The new HD 2+ seems nice and a good price. It is lighter that the previous version by maybe as much as a 1lb assuming the included footprint is part of the packed weight spec...but at 4 lbs. 13.5 oz. packed, it is still heavy...Based on prior QD footprints that probably weighs about 8oz or so.  REI have thinned down the floor to 40D from 70D so you will want to use the FP in more places.  The HD 2+ is a generously sized 2P tent which is good if you are tall or big or are mostly going to use it for 2 people but otherwise it is probably bigger and heavier than you'd want/need for solo carry.

One thing that stands out is that innovative and symmetric doors the HD 2 used to have, are replaced by the cheap seats "opposite" doors typical on budget tents which is only an advantage if you plan to sleep head to toe in 2 person use.

Personally I'd wait and see what this season's Quarter Dome SLs bring an hope for the sale to get the price you want.