Hi @Nathan1 

So over the past year, I was a pretty heavy All Trails user. I liked its simplicity, the ability to track my position in airplane mode, and the ability to find trails that are nearby or ones where I might be traveling to.

However, because All Trails gets much of its information (routes, etc.) from its user base, I've been finding a fair amount of inaccuracies in the app. It's never become a life and death situation because, until now, I've primarily done day hikes that are relatively close to population centers. But now that I am getting into backpacking and being on trail for several days, I just find I can't trust All Trails for that.

I've just started using Gaia GPS instead (and still learning how to use it effectively) but the extra steps of planning out the route and then uploading it to Gaia gives me a lot more confidence than using All Trails would have.

Although it's just one person's opinion, I'd stick with All Trails for finding those lovely day hikes and switch to a more robust system for backpacking.

Hope this helps

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