Hi @Dad_Aint_Hip .

First, let me congratulate you on your bad pun!  I am a fan.  😁

Now, on to the tent dilemma.  I personally would accept the extra weight for the additional room and, presumably, comfort level in camp of the 2-person.  I have a Sierra Designs 2P that is my go-to option.  But then, I typically am only doing "weekender" types of trips, hiking no more than 10 miles to a site, setting up and staying there for a few nights.  If I were contemplating a lengthy through-hike, I may rethink that decision.  

I also have a 1P tent that I got from the REI Used site, and have used it a few times.  While I don't dislike it, it does feel a bit confining.

So, I guess you have to reconcile what your end goals are and how much long-term usefulness your choice will afford you.  Is this the start of one or more extended backpacking trips where the tent may spend more time on your back than you inside it?  If so, then the lighter weight 1P would be your best option.  Or, conversely, are you more likely to have more opportunities for shorter excursions where the extra weight would be negligible and the added comfort and durability would prove advantageous?

I know, I know...more overthinking to add to your own. 

Good luck!

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