I recently Started getting into ultralight backpacking and was wondering if you guys had any gear mods you made or possibly gear suggestions or anything really involving ultralighting it. 

im Currently sporting 

tent: Nemo hornet elite 1p w/ msr carbon core stakes 

sleeping bag: thermarest space cowboy 

pack: Osprey Talon 33 

cooking: toaks titanium 550 ml pot, sea to summit titanium long spork, brs stove 

sleeping pad: thermarest Uberlite





That looks like a really solid setup @NWIhiker! Short of swapping items, my only suggestions might be the following:

  1. Trim the extra straps from the pack. I've done so with my packs, and while I leave enough to account for loosening and easy grip to retighten, I still find I can remove some extra inches of webbing to save an ounce or two.
  2. Practice cowboy camping, or get the footprint for the Hornet Elite so you can do the fly/footprint pitch to have a rainshelter if inclement weather is unlikely but possible.
  3. Go to the short length Uberlite. I am 6' and use the short length Uberlite with my pack under my legs and feet. It's also a good way to have room for your pack inside the tent.

You could always look at lighter individual items, but I think you will see a large diminishment in weight savings for the amount of money you would have to spend. How much weight are you looking to shave off in total? I hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Does your gear work for you and the trips you take?  That is all that really matters...

But, that aside, your sleeping bag doesn't seem tome to be warm enough (45F) for most localities.  I prefer something rated to 20F, or even better, 0F, for a general purpose bag.  Of course, such bags  that are reasonably light, three pounds or less, will be expensive.  But my experience is that a quality bag will last for decades with reasonable care.

Do you really need a tent? (Bivvy sack fan here...)  Consider something like the Gatewood Cape or similar item from Outdoor Research, an item which will serve as both a rain poncho and/or tent...

just for the record, I am not totally into ultralight.  Like most, i am always on the hunt for something that will work well and lower pack weight, but it has to be functional first.  There eventually is a point of diminishing returns and for me, functions is more important than lighter weight.  That is why rock climbers do not lead out with paracord....

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