I use smart water bottles and will never go back to having a water bladder.
If there's no snow, trail runners are amazing, weight on your feet can be as important as weight on your back.
I upgraded to the katadyn befree water filter. Not sure if that counts as a weight savings, it depends on your current setup.
Then I suppose you want to look at the big three: tent, sleep system, backpack. Try to get the combination of all three to under 6 pounds and you'll have a good start. (Big agnes Flycreek UL is a great tent for example)
Food can be a big one on long trips. Calculate calories per ounce, be wise about what food you bring.

How much water you carry will make a significant difference. Research your trail, bring a little extra water to make it to the next spot, and when you resupply water, make sure you drink right there, so you don't have to carry as much on your shoulders