@RyanS and @REI-JohnJ-

Agreed with everything John said here, really good information.  I like to consider myself a "lightweight" backpacker (trying to convince myself to spend additional $$ to shift into the ultralight game)...but there are just some items that you need reliability for instead of counting ounces over.  The cook system, for me, is one of those pieces of equipment.  I own and have used a jetboil since I started backpacking and it has never failed me, not once.  One other option to save a little bit more weight without sacrificing reliability is pairing up the MSR Pocket Rocket (https://www.rei.com/product/114890/msr-pocketrocket-2-stove) with the TOAKS Titanium pot (https://www.rei.com/product/139459/toaks-titanium-750ml-pot?sku=1394590001&store=149&cm_mmc=PLA_Goog...).  With the pocket rocket and the TOAKS pot, you don't have to carry any additional "accessories" that come along with the Jetboil but you also don't have to worry about reliability.