I would NEVER, EVER, recommend an alcohol stove because they’re - just - not - safe! Yes, white gas stoves are bulkier and heavier, and you don’t need a “stove” to burn wood!! So far, we’re on the same page. That leaves canister stoves.

Canister stoves are recyclable as “mixed metal”, but YOU need to do some research, or make some calls, to see how/where you can recycle in your area. Otherwise, all you need to do is punch a hole or two in the bottom (required) of an empty can’ with a can opener before you toss it out. ALSO, consider getting a gas transfer valve so you can transfer the last gas into other can’s.

So, you’re left with “lightweight”, “compact”, durable and useful. You are describing a MICRO STOVE! (which I just happen to use and heartily recommend). There is NO stove that is lighter and more compact! I’ve owned and used mine CONSTANTLY for the past seven years (and I go out for weeks or months at a time) and it has NEVER, EVER failed. Not even once. And of course, if you can use it in the toughest conditions (and I have), “car camping” is nothing.

HOWEVER, micro stoves are NOT for everyone, mainly because they are made for people who actually KNOW what they’re doing! Still, whatever stove you use, follow BEST PRACTICES, which I’ve written about before: