@anakelly  Two to consider ...Soto Amicus cook set ...probably the best value that REI sells.  The amicus is a well made burner with good wind resistance. 


Make sure to fold the pot handles out when heating or you will melt the plastic coating.  The soto pots work with the Snow Peak Hot lips. 


JetBoil Minimo ...maybe the best all round integrated stove. 


Both will get you a 1 Liter (1+ Quart) pot that should be big enough to boil water for two or big enough to make a noodle type meal for one if you want to go beyond freeze dried. 

You can use other pots with either stove if you find you need something bigger or a fry pan  but I recommend against the JetBoil 1.5 L pot on the Minimo because the clip on pot stand is not that stable and catches on the fins. 

Both have built in peizo igniters for convenience and in case you forget a lighter but take one or two lighters or a sparker of some sort anyway since piezos can fail.