So I've been struggling with how to balance the backpacking budget, durability and weight.  I had a Gregory Forester pack (6+ lbs), an old REI Half Dome (6+ lbs), etc.  I carried a lot of weight. Now that I'm older that weight just isn't doable for multi-day backpacks.  I now have a Gregory Paragon (4 lbs) and a Big Agnes FlyCreek UL (2.2 lbs), along with a Patagonia Micropuff hoodie and other lightweight gear.  I love the new stuff!  However, a pole on the tent broke on my first backpack.  The zipper broke on the Micropuff and it has two small tears.  The pack is less robust than the old one.  This lightweight gear just isn't as durable.  Understandable, but both really expensive and not durable are an issue for me.

I know that many thru-hikers can get down to a ridiculous base weight.  But that's not me.  I want hot tea in the morning.  I want to sleep without mosquitos buzzing me.

So I'm just wondering how others choose value vs. durability vs. weight.  What are your views on the balance?  


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