I am a 58 year old woman with narrow feet, bunions, & managed plantar fasciitis. I’ve had sprained ankles in the past, so I prefer the support of boots. I also love to backpack: this past 42-mile backpack trip was multi-day & my pack weighed 28 lbs. I currently wear 3 year old Hoka’s. I love them, except this last trip in July I went from trail to Urgent Care for an infected toe, and subsequently lost two toenails. The year before I also lost a toenail. Obviously there’s a problem. I’ve been to REI three times since July buying & returning boots. Yes, I’ve been fitted. I’ve tried Oboz, Solomon, Kean, Merrell & Altra.  REI didn’t have Hoka boots (other than Speedgoats). I am going to order Hoka boots on-line. Should I order my regular size or 1/2 size larger? Are there any other brands recommend for problem feet?