We got it a few years ago and it's been great for our scouting overnights and weekend trips. Took it to Scout Camp and all good. Those were car camping, for the most part. We are going on a backpacking trip and this is a big bag for a backpack. What size compression sack should I get for this bag. It's supposed to hold a person up to 5'4 inches. Kelty says on their site that it compresses down to 9x15 inches or 23x38 cm. However, I need a third number to compute volume. The trip is in three weeks. HELP!!! Thanks.


Andy in Peoria.




Thanks for reaching out! Generally, when talking about a compression sack or stuff sack and a company only gives you two measurements, it is because the sack is a cylinder. The first measurement is the diameter of the bottom of the sack and the second is the length/height. As such, with the measurements of 23X38 cm, that would give you a volume of 15788 cubic cm, or 15.78 liters. At that volume, we would recommend going with a 20 liter compression sack, like the REI Co-op Lightweight Compression Stuff Sack or the Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Compression Sack. The extra room will make it easier to get the sleeping bag into the sack before you compress it down.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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