Hi @OldGuyot,

Thanks for the advice last year! I ended up buying one of the bearikade Expedition canisters, my partner had a standard canister, and we were able to fit all 10 out of the 12 days worth of food in it. Our first night's camp had a bear locker, so we just stored day 2's food in there and then on day 3, we were all set. I plan to purchase another bearikade, the size down from the Expedition, as it was lighter and it's inside could fit more food than the plastic ones I currently have.

In case anyone was interested, here's the link to my food inventory for 12 days for two people. We never felt hungry and actually had some leftovers which would have lasted us another 2 days if we absolutely needed it to. 


Our trip was amazing as well and I am starting to plan for another longer-ish one for next summer.



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