I recently purchased two items and have two questions -

When not in use, how should I store my NEMO Tensor insulated sleeping pad (item 141-845-0002)? Is it ok to keep it wrapped up in the bag or should it be opened and flat (like my old Thermarest pad)?

Is it ok to store the poles for my new Trail Hut 2 tent (item 164-366-0001) folded and in the bag or should they be stored in the open/connected position as if they were going to be used?  Which is best for the internal shock cords for this or any similar tent?




@Jimbo1 Thanks for reaching out!

You're good to store your sleeping pad rolled up in the bag. The open cell foam in your old Thermarest pad retained a 'memory', which is why it was ideal to store it open and flat so that the foam would expand more quickly when you arrived at camp.

In terms of the tent poles: over the life of your tent you will put less strain on the cord if you store them connected. However, if you are using the tent regularly you should be fine storing it folded up in its bag. The difference is likely negligible. The cord will perform best as it is stretched and returned to its original tension. The main concern would be letting it remain in one state (stretched out) for long periods of time without use.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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From NEMO: Once the pad is fully dry, store your pad outside of its stuff sack flat or loosely rolled in a cool, dry place. Leave valves open during storage. 


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