I recently reviewed just about every tent out there trying to find one that actually fits me.  I'm 6'2 and I hate having a wet footbox.  Very few tent companies sell anything longer than about 86 inches.  I found LightHeart Gear Solong6 and decided to drive over to their factory in Fletcher NC.  I was so impressed with the size of the tent and at 100 Inches long, I dont fear the dreaded wet footbox any longer.  In addition, I find that the tent really does have enough room to put my gear in comfortably.  If you look at youtube reviews, it seems it alway's put up against Zpack Duplex but that is a two person tent and I feel it does well against that product as well.  It really is a one person tent so depending on what your use case is, choose wisely.  https://lightheartgear.com/products/lightheart-solong-6



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