Gear hacks for the occasional backpacker

I've been backpacking several times and have a small pile of gear I've picked up over the years, but I certainly haven't gone enough to consider myself anything beyond an enthusiast / novice, and frankly I rarely have the time for anything more than a one night trip.  As such, it can sometimes be hard to justify spending a bunch on some of the awesome gear out there when I will likely only use it a few times, and even when I use it, I'm not going to need it to be the highest performing gear out there.

So, I'm curious what hacks others know of for MacGyvering great backpacking gear for the occassional backpacker?

For example, the most awesome hack I've come across and actually implemented and loved is the catfood can denatured alcohol stove!  It cost me $0.50 and half an hour to make it, and it weighs next to nothing. Obviously, it has a lot of limitations, but for my wife and I's very limited one night trips, it's great.  Anything else like that others have come across?

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