First AT miles (ok, feet, but still) scheduled, hints, pointers, suggestions needed.

I'm getting ready to do the approach trail from Amicalola to Springer next weekend and looking for any pointers, hints, suggestions, etc. My plan is to do the hike up on Saturday, camp and then hike back down Sunday.  I feel pretty good about the miles and elevation gain but it looks like there are several campsites on the way up if I find that I may not be ready for the whole thing yet.  I've done the Pine Mountain trail in Cartersville (east and west loop together) pretty regularly and average 2 to 2.2 mph and I've done Gahuti trail a couple of times and the elevation and difficulty look similar.   I plan on parking at the park and tenting at the campsite near the shelter.  Anything I should be aware of?  Any secret views or other hidden gems I should be on the lookout for?  The plan is to do it a couple of times and then start working my way north a section at a time asy schedule permits.