Thanks for the work you put into the reply. I own and wear the Merrell Moab 2 Mid Ventilator. I like that it is lite and breathable. It is my go to boot for hiking and backpacking in dry weather on not too technical trails. I find it not very good in wet weather or on wet, muddy trails and it does not provide enough cushion on rocky trails. I can feel almost every  pointed or edged rock under the ball of my feet when I step on it.  I also own and wear the Merrell Wilderness. It is my wet weather and winter go to boot. It provides plenty of protection against rain, mud, snow and pointed, edged rocks but it is heavy and my feet perspire like crazy unless it is really cold.

I have been hiking long enough to remember the day when all hiking boots were all leather and had no waterproof lining. Those were the good old days. All the leather boots I wore seemed to breath enough to not cause my feet to perspire, were stiff soled enough to protect against rocks, but could be made water repellent by applying various products that repelled water and mud in all but the worst conditions. IMHO, "they" just don't make boots like that anymore.

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