Hey @Karl,

First, just want to say thanks for asking that question--because I am sure this posting will be a great resource for others looking at MSR tents in the future. So, I just got have off the phone with a representative from MSR discussing your concern. MSR had immediately replaced all their affected tents with REI last year, so all current tents in REI's inventory have had their seam sealant issues addressed (including the Zoic).

In fact, all current MSR tents are not only seam sealed, but also utilize their propriety Xtreme Shield technology for additional protection. When the tent is properly setup (with enough tension in the rain fly), the stitching at the seams will offer excellent waterproofing. Once again, this technology is utilized along with a coating of seam sealant for increased protection.

If you purchase an MSR Zoic tent from REI, rest assured that the seam sealant issue from 2019 had been addressed. Thanks again for your question, and feel free to reach out for any future questions as well!

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