Oh! *If* someone ever gives me a vacuum sealer for my birthday 😉
Yeah, freezer bag seal are not perfect, the bonus is that I have been able to un-bag my map on a good weather hike when I forgot a trash bag (see below post on "how unprepared is Bort" 😉 )


Actually, when you get home just cut off the sealed end, wash the bag with soapy water, then drape over a water glass or a tall wooden spoon in a heavy mug, then re-use! I keep using mine until they don't vacuum or are too small to hold anything!

@BortEdwards Here's a link to a previous thread with the same basic intent.  Didn't stay active very long either...


I like the non destructiveness of the anti-creep mat.  From reports, I expected to have that problem in the Luna Solo tent which is made of,  apparently,  very slippery sil-poly fabric, it just didn't seem to be an issue with my x-lite so I'm glad I didn't preempt it with seam sealer when I was doing the seam sealing.  

Where I do possibly see the need is setting up in a slight incline as I have had to do on other trips.  A small strip of that might be enough to do the trick.  For me it really needs to have a alternative purpose to justify itself though.


Another way to keep it from sliding is to get some silicon and run a couple thin lines of it across your floor.  Doesn't need to be think, but it will keep you from slipping on hills 🙂

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That is a great hack, and actually reading about it is what got me to think other options, only because I didn't want silicon lines on my tent just yet (I'm contemplating resealing it in the very near future).
But it's a very solid solution by all accounts 🙂


When I want to waterproof my maps, I use cheap clear adhesive shelf paper on both sides.

one roll lasts for years.

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Another thing I do now regularly, and I learned this from others, I create my map in caltopo, then save the pdf, then upload that pdf to my local ups store and have it printed 11x17, color,  cost is about $1 per page, ready in about an hour 

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@Philreedshikes That is a super useful hint that can seem very not obvious until it is.
I'm lucky in having a communal color printer, but the number of times I've seen poor sods standing in the middle of the trail going cross-eyed over their black and white map print outs trying to work out if they are aiming for a trail junction, a creek line, or a railway track...

And before anyone says "just use your phone", I'd never leave home with both. My paper map hasn't once run out of batteries 😉 


For a migrating sleeping pad...”The struggle is real!”

the best I’ve been able to do (vice moving the tent) is wedging my pack between the tent wall and bottom of the pad, to mitigate the migration, lol

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