WELL DONE, I couldn't agree more! Yep, right now (with all the wildfires lately), not even STOVES are allowed (that's saying something!) which caused me to repack my food choices. In fact, I was considering paddling around Catalina Island (they have several rustic, "pack-your-poop-out", water access only, campsites).

The only people I see making bonfires on a regular basis (typically in the frontcountry) are the NOOBS! You know, beginners, car campers, overnighters, tenderfeet, "cityots"... you get my meaning.

My preferred method is my faithful microstove (never failed me yet!!!), then my hobo stove set up, then a SMALL cook fire. With both my hobo stove and my cook fire, I never need more than a few handfuls of tinder/kindling. As I mentioned, instead of a camp/bon fire, I much prefer to let the moon light the landscape!

But I get it, a lot of people don't consider it "camping" unless they have a fire, even if it's a smallish fire. And I admit I occasionally like roasting some small game/fish over an open fire.

My problem is with the noobs who start fires with flames taller than they are! Even if it's for "entertainment" purposes, I don't like seeing campfires taller than your knees. Not because of any personal preference, but because it's a good bet they aren't very careful.

Many times, they don't even douse before they leave. I even heard one genius TELL someone in his group NOT to douse! (he just liked the idea of "letting the [embers] die out"). I even heard one of our recent wildfires was cause by FIREWORKS! (at a 'gender reveal' party!!). What can I say, but, CALIFORNIA!