These days many of us reject traditional campfires, preferring one of the many light, reasonably priced, highly efficient camp stoves (my fave is the Pocket Rocket) that are on the market.  Not completely foolproof, they are infinitely safer than the usual campfire.

Yet building a fire, using found materials remains an essential skill.  Ambient conditions may range from tinder dry (don't even think about a fire!) to cold and wet (a fire is absolutely necessary if you will witness another sunrise) and achieving a decent fire will require skill, experience, and a certain amount of luck.

Canister stoves are not completely foolproof, and malfunctions may require you to revert to a traditional campfire (been there, done that),but barring that issue, relax and enjoy the efficiency of your modern stove.

Sometimes even those stoves may be barred;  then it is time to go scuba diving.....

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